System down? SolaRestore are here to get you back online


At SolaRestore our aim is to get your system back online as soon as possible. First of all, we need to find out what the problem seems to be. To help avoid unnecessary call out fee's we can first attempt to diagnose the issue over the phone by running through the suitable trouble shooting steps.

The most common point of failure is the inverter itself, generally speaking if your inverter is less than 5 years old you will be covered by warranty. We can assist you with your warranty claim and get your system up and running for minimal cost, please fill out your details on warranties page.

To get your system up and running again if it is over 5 years old you are looking at 2 options, Repair or Replace. Depending on your inverter type, we would usually recommend starting with a new inverter, this comes with a new 5 to 10-year warranty and is usually cheaper than repairing the old inverter that would still carry no warranty.


New your inverter size from the drop down menu below

Select your inverter size from the drop-down menu below, give us a call and we will run through all the trouble shooting required to determine if a new inverter is needed or if repair would be more suitable. We always try to avoid service calls if possible as most of the time this is an unnecessary added cost to our customers. Unfortunately, sometimes this is unavoidable. 

All inverter prices are inclusive of installation and include isolator replacement. We also carry out a full safety check of your system and provide you with a certificate of electrical safety giving you piece of mind your system is operating safely while it saves. All our installers are Clean Energy Council certified electricians.